A New Kind of Representation

SADEGHIAN PLLC is a law firm like no other. With over 250 years of collective experience in the public and private sectors, our of counsel and strategic partners are the former directors of our nations top federal agencies, banks and fortune 100 companies and are responsible for leading the top financial investigations in history across every major industry.



SADEGHIAN PLLC’s team works closely with the top experts in the industry in order to provide our clients with the maximum value and minimal expense in order to carry out their business objectives or meet their complex litigation needs. At SADEGHIAN PLLC, we believe that data is central to making successful decisions in the long term. Unfortunately, however, most legal professionals don’t have the technical know-how in order to dive deep into the data and that can be harmful if not outright lethal to a client’s case or matter.



Whether its mapping functionality, smart syntax search, regulatory and statutory research, or the understanding of case precedent, our experts have spent 1000s of hours developing the necessary wisdom to handle your case effectively and expeditiously. We often find that for every hour we spend working towards a resolution, other professionals will spend several times as long. It is just the simple truth. Don’t waste any more time or resources.