Civil Rights

When law enforcement wrongfully harms you, insults you, or prevents you from getting the representation that you deserve, you may be entitled to compensation. 


Our lawyers never stop at an email, or a phone call, to get you justice. We pride ourselves on working relentlessly to serve our clients and finding the truth. 


Civil rights violations can happen to anyone. Our lawyers have represented clients of all different ages, races, genders, backgrounds and socio-economic statuses.


Our Civil Rights/Police Misconduct practice areas include:


  • Civil Rights Violations

  • Police Misconduct

  • Deadly Force

  • Excessive Force

  • Police Shootings

  • Jail Neglect and Abuse

  • Prison Abuse

  • Police Dog Attacks


If you or someone you know has experienced a civil rights related injury, reach out to an experienced Civil Rights lawyer today to learn more.