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Class Action

Clients who have suffered from adverse impact in a similar manner, due to common damages or misstatements of fact or omissions of fact brought about in the context of an injury are often entitled to relief.


A class action is a representative action that permits a person or entity to commence a lawsuit representing other individuals or organizations in a similar situation. When bringing individual claims is costly or overburdensome, a class action is an effective solution to seeking compensation.


Clients who wish to join a class are required to prove that they own the security in question, as well as the time and price of purchase. Generally, by providing documents or statements, it is sufficient to prove their qualification for a certain class action.


Determining the loss or damages that the class members will receive through a successful securities class action is complicated and requires expert analysis. 


Reach out to an experienced class action lawyer to learn if you qualify for a particular class action and/or an individual settlement as restitution.