Expert v. Salesmen

Most companies claim to have experts, but really have sales specialists that they train in-house to sound “intelligible” and trick the client, but really don’t know a lot, and have no experience in winning matters for clients. The big firms do this for one reason and one reason only – To handle more cases and bill more clients! They care more about profit than results and that’s the truth.


We have never assumed a culture of profits over results. That’s why our board has been together for over 30 years, and our team’s reputation speaks for itself.


Our experts are experienced in fighting and winning matters for their clients. Each expert on our team has worked on and successfully won 1000s of cases and recovered billions of dollars in their public and private careers.



There is no challenge too great for SADEGHIAN PLLC, and we provide end-to-end protection for our clients. From physical security to cybersecurity, to management consulting and beyond, we are equipped to handle every matter and we take pride in that. 


No other firm in the world today can claim our expertise or the level of protection that we provide our clients.



The Expert Difference



Bridges the Gap: A key responsibility of an expert firm is to ensure a fluid transition from the design phase of a project into the implementation phase. During this transition, we accept all client relations responsibilities, understanding that different circumstances require different communication tactics and strategies. A qualified expert firm knows how to be courteous and accommodating when interacting with a client while being clear and firm with his team of project coordinators, site superintendents, and foremen. He’s able to bridge the gap between a client’s expected outcome and the on-site team he’s employed to see the project through, funneling information accordingly. If your expert isn’t valuing your input as an owner or stakeholder or can’t seem to manage his team of agents in a timely or effective way, he or she may have been the wrong person for the job.


Creates Clear Schedules: The worst mistake your expert can make is to promise too much. The job of a real expert is to give owners realistic goals and accurate expectations, calculated schedules for implementation, and to follow through on implementing on any client feedback. The expert needs to be completely transparent when laying out timetables, investigation and hourly costs, possible challenges, and all other variables, to ensure that the final result meets expectations. In the world of big data today, surprises are not a good or even acceptable thing.


Masters Problem-Solving: However, if there are any unforeseen hiccups during representation, your expert needs to be able to adjust and adapt to serve your best interests and do so in a professional manner. Were key documents prepared too late? Are there backup documents and evidence? Has another unexpected circumstance delayed work altogether? Has the project changed in scope, requiring more team members on-site? A good expert has the composure to craft creative solutions, and to communicate options quickly and clearly to his client. In every case, an expert plans and re-plans, minimizing setbacks as closely as possible to reach the desired outcome.


Brings the Right Experience: As with any hired professional, you’ll want your expert to bring a certain amount of experience to the table. They should have a history of managing people and schedules, negotiating agreements, interpreting certain research, technical information, and big data, and utilizing project management and efficiency-based software to achieve the maximum result with the least effort. But having years of experience isn’t enough. Your expert needs to have the right kind of experience. To pick the right person for the job, you need a well-rounded expert with experience handling projects of your type and scope.