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Whether an individual is selling a unique piece of digital art or transferring a more traditional creation into NFT form, an experienced NFT lawyer can offer legal services to ensure a successful launch and compliant secondary market trading of NFT digital assets.


Such services may include:


  • Tax planning for NFT transactions

  • Intellectual property governance, including royalties

  • Setting up corporate entities and LLCs to hold NFTs

  • Asset protection strategies

  • Compliance with SEC, FinCen, and state laws concerning virtual currency

  • Consultation on the most advantageous platforms and blockchains for NFTs

  • Implementation of smart contracts for blockchain transactions


NFT offerings can be structured to meet the needs of various asset classes or property types. An experienced NFT lawyer can assist with converting a wide range of art into a non-fungible token. 


These include:


  • Digital and non-digital art

  • Music

  • Collectibles

  • Literature

  • Films

  • Gaming collectibles


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