Removal hearings are carried out to determine if an individual is subject to removal from the US.


The process for removal starts with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) filing a document called a Notice to Appear (NTA), also known as Form I-862, with an immigration court after it is served on the individual.


The NTA tells the individual to appear before an immigration judge, and includes pertinent information about the case, including:


1. Nature of the proceedings

2. Legal authority under which the proceedings are being brought

3. Individual’s alleged acts that violated the law

4. Charges and statutory law that apply to individual

5. Individual’s ability to be represented by an attorney at their own expense

6. Consequences of failing to appear

7. Requirement of individual to provide current address and phone number

8. A notice that the outcome of most removal proceedings depends on whether individual is eligible for relief


If you or someone you know received an NTA and is subject to Removal, reach out to an experienced immigration lawyer to learn more about your options.