Zero Crime 2050

“We believe it is our duty to help our communities and to facilitate a better future for the next generation.” – Nima Sadeghian, Esq.



That is why we have developed ZC2050 – a nonprofit with the objective of educating impoverished children in all areas of the world and helping them to pursue a career in financial crimes, cybercrimes, privacy, and security consulting. ZC2050’s stated goal is to award several students each year with a full scholarship in order for them to pursue their intended college studies and in an effort to recruit the next generation of top financial experts around the world.



ZC2050 will eventually hold periodic fundraising events, in-person and online, in an effort to raise capital for our efforts. The importance of this initiative is paramount to national security as well as global security. In an increasingly globalized world, and a world of increasing cyber threats, it is vital that we recruit only the best candidates to protect our most sensitive information.