Our Team

We are a firm of business transactional lawyers and civil litigators with decades of regulatory background in the insurance, government, private banking, SaaS, BaaS, Edtech and R&D sectors.


Our firm has done everything from litigating cases in State and Federal Courts, to licensing SaaS technologies to larger companies, to advising large companies and nonprofit organizations as well as boards on Data Use and Data Privacy in Cross Border Transactions, AI use cases, and how to handle IP in implementing go to market strategies. We have assisted hundreds of companies and nonprofits in learning how to grow and maintain legally compliant and successful businesses by advising cross functional teams including PR, Government Relations, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Operations, Engineering, Legal and HR on ITAR, EAR, CFIUS, FCC, FAA, CCPA, GDPR, FTC, SEC, CFTC and FINCEN regulations, as well as Third/Fourth Party Risk Management, IP Strategy, Partnering Strategy, User Terms and Conditions and more.


As lawyers and court subject matter experts that utilize their skills and knowledge to assist individuals, jurys, boards & organizations in understanding key issues that most lawyers can not, we have helped to strengthen the Corporate Governance, Internal Auditing, Internal Investigations, Internal Inspections, Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics, Evaluation, and Internal Controls of countless organizations, and are well known among colleagues for promoting, strengthening and increasing awareness of the importance of a strong Corporate Governance and Internal Oversight System through a wide range of Corporate Trainings & Consultancies.


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Nima Sadeghian, Esq.

Managing Partner